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Would you like to sponsor a group reading of an interactive fiction at your school, club, or library? If you’re near Lowell, Massachusetts or Nashua, New Hampshire, you can have one, free of charge. Just email Brendan Desilets at bdesilet@yahoo.com.

Teaching and Learning With Interactive Fiction is now an ebook, as well as a website. See below for details.

Computer-based interactive fiction gives teachers and students fresh and exciting ways to improve their thinking and reading, and to have lots of fun along the way. I hope that this site will encourage teachers and kids to use this remarkable, but largely ignored, resource. Please feel free to contact me (bdesilet@yahoo.com), if I can be of any further help.

On this site, you’ll find two big sections.  The first section is called Fun and Learning With Interactive Fiction.  It’s mainly for kids aged ten to fifteen, but everyone is welcome.

The second section, Teaching With Interactive Fiction, is mostly for educators, but everyone is welcome here, too.

You’ll probably find that the easiest ways to navigate the sight are to use the dropdown menus that appear near the top of this page or to follow the site map.

Or, if you’d rather see the whole thing in the form of an e-book, you can download Teaching and Learning With Interactive Fiction, the book, as a .pdf file. This .pdf has only about ten words per line, so makes for comfortable perusing on most e-readers. Still, some readers who use small-screened devices may prefer the .epub version. If you’d like to adapt the material for your own use, try the .doc version. There’s a Kindle version, too, on sale at Amazon.com.

Useful Links for Obtaining, and Learning About, Interactive Fiction

Fun and Learning With Interactive Fiction
Teaching With Interactive Fiction
Get Lamp, the Interactive Fiction Documentary Film
The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction, Boston’s IF Interest Group
Inform 7, an Authoring System for Interactive Fiction
Teach With Inform
A Great Forum for Exchanging Views and Information on Interactive Fiction
The Interactive Fiction Database for Stories and Recommendations
The Interactive Fiction Archive for IF Stories
IF Theory Reader

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