Fun and Learning With Interactive Fiction

Computer-based interactive fiction is lots of fun for kids, and it gives them fresh and exciting ways to improve their thinking and reading. I hope that this site will help kids to use this wonderful, but largely unknown, resource. Please feel free to contact me, if I can be of any further help.

On this site, “Fun and Learning With Interactive Fiction,” you’ll find
A brief introduction to interactive fiction

Why kids like interactive fiction

Recommended interactive stories, especially for middle school students

Information about obtaining interactive stories

Arthur, with maps and more–highly recommended!

The Firebird, with walkthrough–also highly recommended

“The Enterprise Incidents: A Middle School Fantasy”

Creating Interactive Fiction

An outline of the entire site, Teaching and Learning With Interactive Fiction

About the Author, Brendan Desilets

You can reach Brendan by e-mail at: You’ll find him most willing to help with any problems you may have with interactive fiction.