Inform 7 and the Writing Process

“Inform 7 and the Teaching of Writing” is an essay that looks toward high school and college teachers, though middle school teachers may find it of interest, too. Because it requires very precise control of formatting, we offer it in the form of a .pdf file. Click here to download the file. “Inform 7 and the Teaching of Writing” explores ways in which writing teachers might find Inform 7 useful. It includes a brief introduction to interactive fiction and to Inform 7. The essay is about 10,000 words long.

“Why Inform 7?” is a 6,000-word essay that assumes some knowledge of interactive fiction and of Inform 7. For those who are new to IF and Inform, “Inform 7 and the Teaching of Writing” provides the needed background knowledge. While “Inform ¬†and the Teaching of Writing” stresses how Inform 7 dovetails with the writing process, “Why Inform 7?” shows why writing teachers might want to use Inform.

“The Writer’s Self in Interactive Fiction”¬†explores a particular problem that new writers of interactive fiction often face. It’s a particularly instructive problem that can help inexperienced writers to think carefully about their audience.